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Weight Loss – one week after my 3 day FAST

It’s been just over a week since I completed my first #3dayFAST and I wanted to share what’s been happening since then.  I know I had said that I would use this FAST as a jumpstart on healthy eating and I have done that to some degree.  It hasn’t been to the degree that I originally thought though.  I have had very small amounts of dairy, wheat and sugar.  I just want to be really clear in case anyone thinks I am starving myself or not eating any junk at all.  I ate homemade pizza for dinner one night and we went out for burgers another time.

I am doing my best to keep those special meals to  a minimum but I haven’t been able to stay clear of them entirely.  I have however noticed that my body is reacting differently to food.  I notice much faster when I am full and I am continuing to try and drink a glass of water each time I think I am hungry or snacky instead of just nibbling.  Sometimes I still find myself wanting something snacky but I am choosing more consciously again rather than just checking out.

I weighed myself this morning and was a bit nervous that I might have gained back what I lost during the FAST.  I was pleasantly surprised.   I have not gained any weight and have in fact lost another half pound.  I also have one of those fancy scales that measures your body fat (not sure how accurate it actually is).  During the whole of last year I have been working on trying to get my body to use the fast as fuel and it hasn’t been working very well.  The fat content of my body hasn’t really shifted.  This week however it has shifted and in fact decreased by 0.6% which indicated to me that during the FAST I was able to shift what my body is utilizing to operate on a daily basis.  This news is pretty exciting for me.  I am excited about the weight loss that has been maintained so far and I will continue to share the journey with you as it progresses.



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