10 day Vitality Challenge 

We are living in an age where lifestyle factors combined with lack of nutrients in our food are working against us to create a huge decline in our overall health and wellness.  Most of us are eating factory farmed meat (if you are a meat eater), mass produced vegetables that are grown in soil that has been mono farmed and striped of all its nutrients, and then we throw in some processed foods that have been created to last 100 years.  It can’t come as too much of a surprise then when our body stops operating at it’s best.  When we start to feel aches and pains, or even worse parts of our body just stop doing the job they were designed to do.



98% of the 100 trillion cells that made up our body last year are no longer there.

Dr. Deepak Chopra MD

Grow Younger, Live Longer

Our body is constantly regrowing, recreating itself

  • every 10 days we get a new digestive tract lining
  • every 4 weeks new skin
  • every 6 weeks new liver and kidneys
  • every 3 months new blood cells
  • every 12 months a new skeletal system

For this reason I choose to use the Miessence Vitality pack as part of my health regime.  I want my body to be rebuilding itself with the finest in certified organic goodness.  I know that this will give me the best opportunity to live a vibrant full lifestyle.  It’s what I want for me and for my family.

If you are interested in trying out this vitality challenge – changing nothing else except adding these 3 superfoods into your day each and every day for 10 days straight – contact me today and we can get you set up.  If you’d rather just place your order – you can click here to get a special price for this one time deal.