skin types, skin profiles

This month I thought I would spend some time talking about skin types.  For me I never really gave much thought to what kind of skin I had except those very first years of being a teen.  These days though I think about it a lot more.  Aging, wrinkles, rosacea, all of it has taken it’s toll and now I want to do the very best for my skin.

Do you know what type of skin you have?  Most often when I am dealing with a customer request or having a conversation about which line might be best for a person – in general they are not certain.  I wanted to start today by sharing some guidelines in addition to what you can see on the image above.

Normal Skin

  • over 20 years of age
  • mild acne and no deep scaring from acne on parents
  • hair needs to be washed every few days or it gets dull and flat but not limp and greasy
  • even skin and colour
  • generally tan easily
  • as they age the skin becomes dry and wrinkled

This skin is best cared for with the balancing skin essentials pack which is specifically designed to nourish and protect your skin.  If you have the time and desire to do a full facial at home you should be exfoliating and using a mask weekly.

Dry Skin

  • over 35
  • almost entirely acne free adolescence
  • dry hair
  • skin is tighter
  • ruddy pink cheeked in cold weather
  • mother has dry skin
  • can be caused by too sun, wind, washing with harsh chemicals or washing to often, or inadequate water intake
  • dry skin is most susceptible to premature aging
  • avoid all skin care products, including cosmetics with alcohol in them
  • also avoid steam as well as strong pulling clay masks

This skin is best cared for with the rejuvenating skin essentials pack which is specifically designed to lubricate, hydrate and nourish.

Oily Skin

  • over 20
  • adolescent acne moderate to severe
  • hair is oily limp day after shampoo
  • the day starts and ends with an oily film on the skin

Although one might think that caring for oily skin it would be safe and acceptable to use an alcohol based cleaning product – this just ends up stripping the skin of the oil that it needs and the glands then go into overdrive to create more oil to make up for what was lost. The purifying skin essentials pack is what is most suitable for this skin type as the majority of ingredients are anti-inflammatory, in addition to being astringent.

Sensitive Skin

  • dry itchy, red, inflamed easily
  • often people with this skin type are of the more sensitive nature over all
  • the products best for this skin type are not too hot, not used in too prolonged a manor, not to oily, not to often
  • best treated with anti-inflammatory oils and herbs
  • rosacea falls into this category – lumpy skin – regular facial exfoliation in addition to a stimulating mask helps detoxify and create space for the skin to renew itself

The soothing skin care essentials pack is best suited for this skin type.  In addition to using the InLiven to ensure that the gut has a healthy dose of bacteria to help balance the skin over the long run.