Skin Care Essentials Pack

skin care essentials pack

Skin Care Essentials Pack

The Miessence line of products certainly is a unique line of skin care.  We were the world’s first certified organic range.  All of the skin care essentials packs do not use soap, or detergents as a part of their cleaners but instead use a base of yucca, safflower oil and aloe vera gel.  Each skin care essentials pack includes a cleanser, a skin conditioner, and a moisturizer.

The skin care cleansers (4 types balancing, soothing, purifying and rejuvenating) are non cream based products that do not foam. These products do not wash off just with water – instead you need a beautiful soft organic cloth to help remove the residue otherwise the products will clog the pores with continual use.  The reason for this is that each bottle has a variety of essential oils being used and no surfactants.  These cleansers were designed to be used twice a day to help remove pollution, dirt, dust as well as various other nasties from your skin.

The skin conditioners are not like your traditional toner.  These skin conditioners are a vital part of caring for your skin with the very best products you can.  These skin conditioners are pre moisturizing hydrating serums.  They treat the skin’s most urgent need – whether that be soothing, stimulating, energizing, refining, decongesting, strengthening, hydrating, or healing.  By using these skin conditioners your skin gets feed the highest concentration of herbs to help plumb up that outer layer of skin with the aloe vera gel and then sealing that moisture in.

Once you have plumped up the skin making it ready to absorb the more moisture from bioactive ingredients then you add the moisturizer.  It’s best to apply the moisturizer while the skin is still damp.

No heat is used in the formulating of any of the skin care essentials packs, in fact the only products that any heat is used in are the ones that have beeswax in them.

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