Biodegradable Dishwashing Concentrate


Miessence Certified Organic’s Biodegradable Dishwashing Concentrate. Low foaming concentrate based green-chemistry principles.

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A low foaming, concentrated, formula based exclusively on renewable raw materials and green-chemistry principles.

The sugar-based surfactants in MiEnviron Dishwashing Concentrate combine excellent cleaning performance, low ecological footprint, low eco-toxicity, high biodegradability and exceptional mildness (they are classified as non-irritants). Suitable for septic tanks.

The surfactants in this product are approved for use in products eco-labelled “Good Environmental Choice” (in Swedish: Bra Miljoval) by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Readily biodegradable (OECD Test Guideline 301C).

Excellent cleaning and exceptional mildness plus high biodegradeability.


How To Use
Squirt a small amount into sink while filling. Note: Biodegradable Dishwashing Concentrate is low foaming


When To Use
As required.

Size 250 ml/8.5fl.oz


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