Since it seems that our summer season has arrived in Canada I wanted to share with you a bit about another one of my favorite Miessence products.  The Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist.  In the video below Narelle the founder/creator of the Miessence line talks about how it is the perfect end to a spa treatment.  At my house I don’t often have time nor the patience to do a full spa session but this little gem stay in my purse all the time for moments when I need a little life or boost.

In the past few months, I’ve been blessed to do enough air plane travelling that I’ve had a to keep an extra bottle on hand.  When we touch down after being in the air my face often feels dehydrated and not anything as fresh as I would like to feel.  A few squirts of the Rose Monsoon Mist and I am good to go.

I also love using it during the summer as I go in and out of air conditioning – my face loves the light misting – and the scent of the the roses is amazing.

If you didn’t catch the detail in the video – this little bottle has the equivalent of 45 certified organic roses in it.  Who wouldn’t want that gloriousness on their face?