Is Miessence too Expensive?

Is Miessence too expensive?

Miessence Too Expensive?

So all month you’ve been following along – reading up on all the benefits and the amazing purity of the Miessence line of skincare.  You haven’t actually crossed over to purchase yet because each time you do – you look at the price and it just feels like miessence is too expensive.  I know I felt the same way when I first started looking into Miessence.

So today I wanted to share some information so that you get a really clear picture of what the Miessence products cost.  Generally if you are looking at skincare lines you already have at least somewhat of a skincare routine.  For me, my skincare routine involves cleansing, conditioning, and moisturizing my skin at least once per day.  I often put on a little extra moisturizer at night on the days that I remember and about once a week I exfoliate.

So let’s start with the cost of the Cleanser – when you buy it individually the cost of the cleanser in Canadian dollars is $55.40.  Each bottle has roughly 125 applications in it when you use approximately 4 pumps per treatment which feels super generous to me. (mostly I use 2 pumps!)  That works out to be $0.44 per application.

The Skin Conditioner costs $32.75 when bought individually.  This bottle has about 250 applications per bottle if you use one pump per occasion. That works out to be $0.13 per application.

The Moisturizer costs in the range of $56-70 depending on what skin type you have.  Each bottle has roughly 86 applications in it if you use one pump per application.  That works out to be $0.66 – $0.81 per application.

This brings the cost of your basic skin care routine to well under $1.50 per application.  If you buy the three in a kit (our essentials kit) that brings the price even lower – instead of $157.60 individually the kit is now only $140.85.  You also automatically receive an additional 10% off for purchasing a certain number of points.  (the kits are 93 pts)  If you wanted an additional discount there are ways to do this that I would happily talk to you about, if you’d like to know more.

So bottom line your entire skincare routine using the very best in certified organic goods will cost you somewhere between $1.00 and $1.25 per day.  Do you know what your current products are costing in a day?  Does Miessence still seem too expensive for you?    Do you think your skin is worth it?

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or just wanted to share your thoughts.  You can contact me below.

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