InLiven Probiotics for Autism

inliven probiotics for autism

InLiven probiotics for Autism

It seems these days we all know a child who is somewhere on the Autism spectrum.  The arguments around why we are seeing so many more children vary immensely with all different sides presenting points.  Everyone has their own thoughts about why this is happening.  I would imagine although we can’t all agree on what causes these issues I’m betting each and every parent of an autistic child would want to help their kids function better in this world.  That means less pain, less stress, and generally less frustration.

Over the past few years I’ve been doing much research on gut health and some of the issues that come up for us when our gut doesn’t have the correct amount of healthy bacteria.  There are a myriad of issues that come up in terms of health and wellness when we do not have the right bacteria in our gut.  It’s been shown time and time again that people who are on the Autism spectrum do not have the right bacteria in their gut.

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Take a look at these studies that have recently been completed on how probiotics can help people with autism

Unexpected improvement in core autism spectrum disorder symptoms after long-term treatment with probiotics

Gut microbiota in autism and mood disorders

The Brain-Gut Microbiome Axis:  What Role Does it Play in Autism Spectrum Disorder?

In each of these studies it has been indicated that there is potential for improvement of over all health and wellness for those who have Autism when taking probiotics.  Since I want the very best for my child I would be using InLiven probiotics for Autism.  Using a certified organic probiotic, that is created from live fermented foods seems like the best opportunity to improve the gut health of people with autism.

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