Here’s what you can find in my Natural Medicine Cabinet

natural medicine cabinet

What’s in your Natural Medicine Cabinet?

After being sick last week and sharing my self care rituals,  I wanted to go a little deeper this week and share what I have in my house for our natural medicine cabinet.

As always, my first line of defense under any illness would be my probiotic.  I know that everything is connected to my gut health and if I’m sick it means that invaders got into my belly and the good bacteria are not winning.  So I double up and give them extra support.

Depending on the kind of sick, if it’s cold or sinus type thing my next go to is the Ceramic Neti Pot.  We have long used the sachets that came with our and so I just use tap water boiled, and add some salt.  I let the boiled water sit for 1/2 an hour and then through the nose it goes.  I’ll admit this particular ritual took some getting used to.  The first few times I would up with a funny kink in my neck but after a few times it’s no problem.  I wouldn’t use this if I am completely stuffed up but as long as I can breathe through the nose it’s perfect.  In fact, I used to get a ton of sinus infections both as a child and in my earlier adult days.  I haven’t had one in about 5 years now which coincides with the time I’ve used the Neti.

Another one of the tools that we always have in the medicine cabinet is COLLOIDAL SILVER.  This is a product I was leary of for a long time and I’m not even sure why.  A few summers ago I got some weird funky thing just below my eye that I just couldn’t seem to get rid of.  I was heading to Cambodia and was feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing.  So after a few trips to the homeopath and not really getting any movement on it I took the plunge and grabbed a bottle of COLLOIDAL SILVER.  This was the silver lining for my eye.  Within one day of adding these drops it cleared my spot up.  I use this now for any type of fungal or bacterial type infection.

The last piece of my natural medicine cabinet that I often refer to is the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing.  This was a gift from a friend of mine and has been invaluable over the years.  I love how it not only addresses the the various homeopathic s that I might take for an aliment , but also the food that I can give my body to support it.

I’d love to know what’s in your natural medicine cabinet?  What are your go to pieces for health and wellness?