healthy living through fasting

Healthy Living Through Fasting

[bctt tweet=”Fasting is the single greatest natural healing therapy known to man. ” username=”anitackaiser”]

Some of the benefits our body gets from fasting include

  • resting the digestive tract
  • reduce the fear of hunger
  • allow the body to cleanse and detoxify
  • interrupts habitual eating patterns
  • promotes greater mental clarity
  • creates a physical lightness and increased energy levels

[bctt tweet=”The idea behind fasting is not to fix the body but to get out of it’s way ” username=”anitackaiser”]

As I’ve mentioned before, prior to using the MiEssence FAST product not eating for a day or two was not even remotely an option for me.  I thought I might die of hunger.  I also did not believe that I had the willpower it would take to do such a thing.

Using the FAST product has shifted everything for me.  My relationship to food is different.  My relationship to my body is different.  I can feel that my body is using fat as fuel on a more regular basis.  I am consistently eating with awareness.


This week I decided that in between the 3 day FASTS that I will continue with monthly – I am also doing a weekly or biweekly one day FAST.  I try and keep that day to a day where I am quite busy.  That way I have less time to think about food and what I might  be missing.  I love not having to think about each meal.  I love knowing that my body is doing what it was naturally built to do.  Healing itself from within.  Allowing a spring cleaning of sorts.  Gifting myself a reset button.  Improving heart health, increasing the function of my brain, preventing chronic disease and increasing my overall lifespan.

All things that I know I want for myself – and I’m betting you want for yourself too.  So what is holding you back?  Are you ready to try out the FAST product for yourself?  Are you ready to increase your overall health through Fasting?  Are you ready to experience healthy living through fasting?


Imagine 3 days worth of all the nutrients you need for only $39.95?