freeze dried goodness

Freeze Dried Goodness

Have you ever wondered what is means when a company says that their products are freeze dried or even why it would matter? Recently the creator of Miessence shared why she opted to freeze dry her products, how this is done and what is means for you.

Freeze Drying is a process that involves having fresh items placed in a freezer vacuum system so that the water which is present transforms directly to vapor rather than icy mush. This system is by far the best system out there in terms of preserving nutritional value. The items that are processed this way in the Miessence line are the Berry Radical (all the berries and the olive juice), and the Deep Greens (all grass juices and leafy greens).  For the Berry Radical, once the items have been freeze dried then the berries are crushed to form a powder.  The cell structures remain intact so that the phytonutrients are still available for your body to absorb.

In the Deep Greens all grasses are harvested from fresh tiny shoots, so that they are at their nutritional peak.  The enzymatic activity is at it’s highest and the chlorophyll content also at it’s peak.  These are harvested in the early morning when the dew is still on the the blades.  Once they have been picked they are taken to an organic processing facility where they are then cooled, washed and juiced to protect and preserve all of nature’s goodness.  30 kg of juice get concentrated into 1 kg of grass juice powder.

The majority of other grass products that you find out there are generally drum dried or spray dried.  Do you know how your greens are processed?