FAST – weight loss superfood – my journey

fast weight loss superfood

FAST Weight loss superfood

This month I thought I would share my experience with the newest Miessence Product – the FAST Weight loss superfood.  I’ll be honest, dieting has never been a word I like.  It’s not a word we used in my house growing up and when my husband uses it at home – it tends to make me bristle.   Mostly because the whole concept of dieting fills me with the energy of lack.  I immediately think of all the things I will be missing.  All the things I can’t have, and then I feel an overwhelming desire to eat.  Which really feels counterproductive – don’t you think?

Over the years the things that I have learned about nutrition and healthy eating involve filling the body with the best nutrition around (certified organic whenever I can, and making it a priority to eat real whole foods). Of course I also try to minimize sugar but I don’t avoid it completely.  I’ve tried to keep the balance in order to keep my mind feeling that place of abundance!

Over the summer my hubby and I had a few weeks where we challenged ourselves and cut out wheat, dairy, alcohol, and sugar and I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt, but it’s been a struggle to get back to that space for me.

Fasting has never been something that I’ve even considered since I didn’t know enough about it and really the thought of not eating felt so foreign.  Our culture is so food centric and certainly when I look at my personal history food is a central part in each and every family celebration we have.  My family loves food.  For some families I know, food seems to blend a little more into the background but not ours.  It is front and centre and I don’t know that this has served me in the best way possible.

So starting on Tuesday I will be using the new FAST weight loss product to kick start 2 months of uber healthy, clean eating.  Fasting is considered to be the single greatest natural healing therapies.  I love this idea of giving my digestive system an opportunity to reset!  I’ve been struggling with Rosacea for years and I know it has to do with my system being on high alert.  Something has taxed my body so much that it continues to produce this redness and inflammation.  It is my hope that by allowing my body the opportunity to reset, I will find a way to clearer skin in addition to shedding weight.

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