What else can I use my Miessence products for?  Alternative uses

I’m a big fan of simplicity.  Over the years I’ve continually been amazed at how many different creams one can find on a cosmetics counter.  Granted perhaps the skin around your eyes is a little bit more sensitive that the skin on your feet but really how many different versions of skin do you think we have?  For me – I like to keep it simple.  I’m a one or two product max kinda girl.

In light of this eye on simplicity – this week I wanted to share some of the multiple uses that Miessence products have.

Let’s begin with one of my favorite products – one that I actually wrote a whole post on here.  I love using this product to clean with.  As with most folks cleaning over all is not one of my favorite things but multiple times a day I spray my counters with this goodness and know that it is keeping all the nasty germs at bay.

Another way that I use this product is when I have to buy conventional fruits or vegetables.  I wish I could be buying everything organic but there are unfortunately times when it’s just not an option.

Instructions for using BioPure Probiotic Cleaner as a Fruit and Veggie Wash:

  • Shake gently before using.
  • Mix 2 tablespoons (4 capfuls) per gallon of water.
  • Remove labels and stems. Add uncut items to water.
  • Soak porous items for about 30 seconds; for hard items soak for at least two minutes.
  • Rinse with cool water, drain and store as appropriate.

BioPure contains probiotic technology that works to remove surface dirt and potentially harmful microorganisms on produce. The probiotics out-compete the bad bacteria commonly found on the outer layer of fruits and vegetables. It is completely non-toxic and leaves no odour or aftertaste. And, produce washed in BioPure stay fresher and last longer!

I’m also currently using this product on my feet.  For whatever reason each summer for as long as I can remember I wind up with these huge fissures in my heels.  This year I am spraying my feet each day with the BioPure – so far my heels are looking better than they ever have in summer and of course knowing that what I am using is completely safe makes me super happy.

Other folks have over the years used this product as a wound cleaner, a hand sanitizer, a linen spray as well as an air freshener for the stinky sports equipment and running shoes.


alternative uses for barrier balm

Another great product which has been used for all kinds of things is the Barrier Balm.  This product was designed to help treat rashes and diaper distress.  Since it was designed to help babies with their skin irritations of course it can also be used for any adult rashes, wounds, sores that you might have.  Diabetics often have sores that refuse to heal as well as people who are receiving radiation and or chemotherapy – the Barrier Balm has helped many of these people.  It can also be used as a cuticle cream.

Have you used your Miessence products for anything other than what you originally intended?