anita kaiser


Thank you for being curious enough to want to know more about me. I’ve been with ONEGroup selling the MiEssence products for almost 10 years now. I joined right after the birth of my daughter – that’s when I started really understanding so much more about all the toxins in our personal care products. I am grateful to ONEGroup for helping me on this path of questioning all the ingredients found on the product labels and understanding their importance to my health.

Working for ONEGroup gave me many skills that I was able to utilize as I ran an eco-products store in Windsor, Ontario. Knowing how high a standard had been set by MiEssence meant that I was far less easily fooled by slick marketing campaigns. I loved working at the store and having direct interaction with customers who were searching for cleaner, safer products. I spent a lot of time at community events to get the message out so that people felt comfortable knowing how to read a label. In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of trying to be healthier. In the spring of 2012 we sold the store and moved back to our hometown of Hamilton Ontario. I now have more time to focus on my MiEssence business as well as teaching yoga to children and adults.

My favorite MiEssence products are definitely the healthcare items. Over the years I have dabbled with raw foods and the pursuit of health for myself and my family always includes a daily scoop of In-Liven or Berry Radical. I also love the deodorant and the toothpastes. When we owned the store these were the top two items folks were interested in trying when switching over to more natural products. Since deodorant is such a personal thing – we are all made so differently – it can be quite a challenge to find a natural product that works for you. I have sold the MiEssence deodorants to many customers and each one has been thrilled with the performance of the product.

In terms of toothpaste I am a huge fan of lemon and I was super excited when I saw MiEssence had a lemon toothpaste. The way it leaves my mouth feeling so clean and fresh just can’t be beat. Having once travelled without my lemon toothpaste, I had to use the store bought brand my friend had there – the amount of foam and suds in my mouth left me with a rather unpleasant feeling but solidified the satisfaction I have with the MiEssence products.

If you are interested in finding out more about the company or the products, I encourage you to read through the site – or reach out to me – I would be more than happy to have an email or phone conversation. If you have tried a whole bunch of natural products and have been disappointed I urge you to give MiEssence a try – I am 100% certain that you won’t be disappointed.

Wishing you a beautiful day!