7 lbs in 3 days – with no hunger

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Day 1

Hi there!  Today is day 1 of my 3 day FAST.  First things first, I prepared myself mentally to do this FAST.  Today all I have had to eat is the three servings of FAST.  4 scoops, 3 times per day in water.  Today was a typical day for me where I had to work.  I taught a couple of yoga classes and then went for a 8km hike.  There was no point during the day where I felt hunger.  I did notice by the end of today that I was missing some of the textures  and sensations of food in my mouth but it definitely wasn’t about being hungry.  I did experience a little bit of a headache early in the day and I know that was because of the fact that today was my first day off caffeine.  I drank extra water to help combat that which I know from past cleanses is the way to deal with that caffeine withdrawal.

Day 2

It’s the end of day 2 and I will share with you that today was much harder than yesterday.  Not in terms of hunger, I’ve not been hungry at all.  With the changing season here in Ontario, switching over to fall I felt super cold.  With that the desire for warm food is strong but I know it’s an emotional thing.  I am making myself an herbal tea to take to teach this evening.  No hunger – feeling good.  I can feel that there is a shift going on inside my body.  I think that this is within my awareness due to all the yoga I do.  I can feel the system is changing over.  My body is using something different to fuel itself – not what it normally uses.  Otherwise still feeling good.  I did go to bed earlier last night and I am expecting to go to bed earlier this evening as well.  I can feel my body needs more sleep.

Day 3

Day 3 was a rougher day I didn’t have the time to make a video so we skip right on over to day 4.

Day 4

I just completed the 3 day FAST.  Woo hoo!  Mixing 4 scoops of the FAST with water for each of my three typical meals per day.  I’m completely amazed.  I lost 7 lbs in 3 days.  I felt pretty high energy the first 2 days but that third day was a detox symptom day.  It was a bit challenging but nothing unmanageable.  I woke up this morning at 5:30 which never happens.  Raring to go and get active.  I really noticed through these 3 days of not eating the emotional ties and the psychological aspects of eating.  I knew this was going to come up for me.  It was such a good experience for me to step back and realize for three days I wasn’t hungry.  So today when I broke my FAST I really thought about what I was going to eat.  I choose very consciously what I was going to fuel myself with.  My plan was to utilize this 3 day Fast to ensure that I don’t just go back to eating because it’s breakfast time, or lunch time, or dinner time or there’s somebody over, or whatever – my intention is to be mindful of what I put into my mouth.  I want to ensure that it is nourishing my body.

If this sounds interesting to you and you’d like to check the product out –  we are currently taking pre-orders for shipping mid November. This is perfect for those who want to loose some weight while working on healing the body from the inside out.  For me, I know some really good things happened inside my system and I’m excited to see the continued progress of that.

Over the remainder of this month,  I will be updating you on my weight and eating habits to give you a full picture of the shifts that occurred and how sustainable they might be for you.

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