What Makes Miessence Products So Unique?

Energy of Certified Organic Ingredients:

  • Clean and potent plant extracts of high vitality!
  • More vitamins, nutrients and cancer-fighting anti-oxidants!

Revolutionary Bioactive Cold Formulation:

  • Superior quality active ingredients!
  • Significant quantities of bio-available nutrients to literally feed your skin!

100% Beneficial Ingredients:

  • Every ingredients in every products must be beneficial
  • All ingredients are active!
  • No synthetic functional ingredients (e.g. pH adjusters, colors, pearlizers, consistency modifiers, preservatives)!
  • No chemical emulsifiers- unique all-natural emulsion!
  • No chemical preservatives- tested and proven all-natural shelf life!

Unique Emulsification and Preservative Systems:

  • No chemical emulsifiers- unique all-natural emulsion!
  • No chemical preservatives- tested and proven all-natural shelf life


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Benefits of Probiotics

What are the benefits of taking a probiotic? The number one benefit of probiotics are that they improve your digestion.  By increasing the healthy bacteria within your gut it helps your body to absorb more of the nutrients within the food you are eating.  Many of us...

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Signs of Gut Imbalance

Signs of Gut Imbalance It’s such a  difficult thing to know how our insides are doing on a day to day basis without looking at some of the systems within our body.  What are the warning signs of an out of balance gut bacteria?  How do you know when you need to...

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InLiven Probiotics for Autism

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Healthy Living Through Fasting

Healthy Living Through Fasting Fasting is the single greatest natural healing therapy known to man. Click To Tweet Some of the benefits our body gets from fasting include resting the digestive tract reduce the fear of hunger allow the body to cleanse and detoxify...

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